Thursday, May 20, 2010

Royal Trux-Cats & Dogs

My friends and I have a tendency to get nostalgic for the 90s. I suppose that it had to do with that time being particularly good for many of us, and the fact that the way we live now seems pretty shitty. But then a friend and I watched a documentary on 90s rock and all of the sudden it was as if I ate a madeline and all the memories came flooding back. I realized that for every band like this, there was at least 20 completely bullshit bands trying ever so hard to look kooky. I'll admit that this took me a while to get into this band. I guess I never really got what they were attempting to do. Then one day it all made sense and all was revealed. Now, Royal Trux have got to be one of my favorite bands of that period. I would feel fine posting any of their material (and if you're about to slag on their major label releases you can go scratch) as I love their entire catalog. How the fuck were these people not major stars is beyond me. Jennifer Herrema, marry me.



  1. royal trux wasn't really a band, no siree, they were/are a way of life.

  2. I'd buy that. It's funny. When I was young and dumb (now just old and dumb) I really thought this band would be popular, like played on the radio and everything. Does that bizzaro dimension exist somewhere?