Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Marcel Kanche-Dog Songe

Here's one for when the night is winding down, and your teary eyes are burning so much that it stings to even have them closed. Time to pull this on and slip into the vortex. As I keep saying, the French rule and I'll defend them to the death. And Kanche is obviously of the tradition of Frenchies who produce some of my favorite music. His early 80s works (which you can find over at Mutant Sounds) is far bleak as well, but much more experimental. But I think age suits Kanche just fine, as now the experimentation might have been reduced, but the darkness remains. To sound dumb, I'll just make the easy comparison since it'll be pretty obvious to anyone whose heard this before, but I guess you can say he's the French Leonard Cohen. God, I hate writing shit like that.


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