Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mind Eraser-Demos & Live

This was one of those cdrs that came from the band and, through friends, eventually found it's way into my mitts. For that I am thankful since I love this band. Infest is definitely a point of reference. But there's moments of Sabbathisms and almost, dare I say, prog in their sound. But these dudes seem to have pretty open ears, so I doubt they'd punch me in the face for that reason. They even do a pretty great Meat Puppets cover, which unfortunately, is not included here. Every time I play anything by this band, my cat has a complete freak out. Yes, that's how cool I am. An old, single dude who lives with his cat and piles of records. God, what a cliche I've become. Thankfully, I've got this to cheer me up.

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