Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brigitte Fontaine-Comme à la Radio

So it's mother's day; started in America right here in West by God Virginia. What a holiday. While I have an amazing mom & grandmother, the day itself doesn't really do it for me like Halloween or even Casimir Pulasky or Pączki day. It's nothing against mothers or anything, it's just that not being one (or even having a vagina for that matter) it just doesn't have that personal connection for me. But nevertheless, I figure today would be a nice day to celebrate fantastic females. And this might one of my all time favorite female fronted albums of all time. Fontaine is just super cool. Even Sonic Youth wanted to be her backing band when she became some old, bald, weirdo. But I prefer this album where she is backed by the Art Ensemble of Chicago. It's jazzy, folky, experimental, and rapturous. If you've dug that Catherine Ribeiro album or any of the other French things I've been posting, then pick this up. Thanks to Ryan for turning me on to this disc.


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