Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drunks With Guns

This cover is from the first 7" which is included here, but I've posted the comp cd that came out on Behemoth some years back. It's just that the cd cover sucks super bad (all black with the band name in tiny white lettering). And this cover is just so much better. Look at these dudes. And look at that pile of beer cans. That's exactly what this sounds like. It's slow, lumbering, hated filled punk made by some of the most bitter people in the world. I really think this band was formed with the expressed intend of pissing people off. That seems like a pretty good reason to get a group going. Definitely better than simply wanted to hang out with people who have similar haircuts/facial hair as you. Later incarnations were fronted by a 12 year old girl (I'm not kidding about that) and were about as weird as you'd expect. I still prefer the "classic" line up though. Definitely the best band to ever come out of St. Louis (Screamin' Mee-Mees a close second).