Monday, May 10, 2010

Dr. Alimantado-Best Dressed Chicken in Town

I've been told by a few to post some reggae, and post I shall. And I don't remember posting any before, so I'll start it off with one of my all time favorite reggae records. Walking around campus, you're guaranteed to run into at least one dimwit sporting a Bob Marley shirt. I even asked my students about this phenomenon, and the only response I could get out of them was "Well, he's good." Then I asked if they just started smoking pot and if they felt that there was some obligation to listen to that crap. But they just looked at me blankly. I then went on to explain that there's much better reggae available, but I could tell they were skeptical. And this is one of the discs I recommended to replaced their copy of Legend (they never have actual Marley albums, just greatest hits). I'm quite certain that not one of them actually gave this a listen, so here's your chance to be smarter that a bunch of sophomores.


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