Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DJ Scotch Egg-KFC Core

What evil fiend concocted this double down sandwich I've been hearing about? If you haven't seen the commercials or heard the hype it's basically a sandwich that replaces the bread with fried chicken and is full of bacon and cheese. Despite looking absolutely disgusting, I'm oddly compelled to try one of these monstrosities. Until that day (I'm sure I'll have to be quite drunk) I'll just enjoy DJ Scotch Egg's homage to the Colonel. Don't think that this is some lame turntablism. I don't even think he has a turntable. I believe that all the sounds produced here are either a product of his deranged yelps or his circuit bent gameboy. And it's pretty obvious that he's playing a gameboy. Of course, he's Japanese.


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