Thursday, May 27, 2010

Charlie & Esdor

So here's some awesome things I've seen thus far today"

1.) A dude who looks exactly like Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler who was pushing an empty wheel chair down the middle of a road.

2.) The Mars Volta wannabe walking around campus. This kid even pals around with another Mars Volta clone just to complete the look. Of all the shit bands to cop a style from, why choose these fuckheads?

3.) An old lady in a rascal honking an old timey bike horn at passersby.

4.) A car that was smoking so badly I thought it was straight out of Spy Hunter. I thought I might get hit with some oil slicks at any moment.

5.) Several dudes with no shirts, but winter caps (dudes, please keep the shirts on; no girl is going to see your nasty sweaty body and just drop to her knees).

So here's an album to continue the awesomeness. More Swedish psych mastery. And people seem to have liked the (International) Harvester, Trad, Gras, och Stenar, etc. things. This is mostly split between sitar laced trance folk, and some really fried fuzz. These dudes were singing "Fuck the Cops" back in 1970. Pretty fucking punk for a bunch of lingonberry lovers.

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