Friday, April 27, 2012

DNA-Last Live at CBGBs 1982

There’s never enough room for no wave.  I often crave it like a unibrowed fatso covets a sandwich.  And I know you feel the same because all the guppies eat it up when it’s posted.  Yet, I am the king fool in that I’ve posted lesser known (and in some regard inferior) no wave acts but have left the almighty DNA sit all alone in my nearly vacant mediafire account.  There’s so much to say about how important this band is that it seems pretty stupid for me to mention anything but that, so let's leave it there, m'kay?  By now, you know who this is.  But since it’s kind of a pain to find, it merits inclusion here.  Then again, even if this was as popular as Seals & Croft I’d still post it here.  On a side note.  I recall a time when I was trying to buy a copy of that comp of theirs that got released a few years back.  It just so happens that the person who kept out bidding me happened to have the same screen name as the label that issued the record (this happened multiple times).  Now, perhaps it’s a very avid fan of the label (unlikely, but possible) but if it was actually the label buying back their records to inflate the price then they deserve the biggest “Fuck you.”  Let’s just hope this wasn’t the case.


  1. I am assuming that "uni-browed Fatso covets a sandwich" is a thinly veiled reference to a certain reissue label impresario we both know?
    DNA are as important to music/non music is to Life. Nice post.

  2. Now Nick, whatever are you talking about?

  3. Of course,everything I allegedly write or say is hearsay,allegedly the work of an unnamed third party, and inadmissible in a court of law.