Friday, April 27, 2012

Chêne Noir-Aurora

I think I complained about thespians before here, right?  Well, if not, they suck.  Let’s just throw that out there right up front.  Remember back to high school and there was that crowd of assholes that wanted to prance through the halls, emoting nonsense, in some sad plea for attention.  And if there’s one thing that makes thespians oh so repulsive it’s that aching desire for the attention of others.  Why?  Ever notice that you have never met one person who actively seeks attention and that person was anything less than a complete shit bag?  Fast forward some years and realize that adult actors are probably even worse because they still haven’t given up that dream that they will eventually become some teen idol or something.  So imagine my surprise when hearing such an amazing album was created by a theater troupe.  I’m willing to bet that this collective wasn't anything like the actor sort that I previously described.  No weirdos willing to create such cosmic darkness are striving to be the next Dirk Bogarde, or even the next Norman Fell (what the world needs now is a new Norman Fell however).  Of course, this gets bonus points for being French.

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