Thursday, April 12, 2012

Drain-Pick up Heaven

Time to go back to the decade I probably privledge above all others--the glorious '90s. I still can't exactly pinpoint why that decade seems to be the most interesting to me. I suppose it is in part because it predates the decades before my life started to derail, I could still kind of skate, I didn't have inch long grey eyebrows, or get throw my back out everytime I sneeze. But for the young'uns here, you might not remember this release. Who am I kidding? You probably weren't even born when this came out. If yu have any interest in the psycho noise stomp coming out of Texas around this time, then this will be a nice little pil to swallow. Containing members of the Cherubs, Hugh Beaumont Experience, and the Butthole Surfers (released on King Coffey's Trance Syndicate label (remember that label?)) this album is imaginably a bit difficult to pin down. Some valient attempts do not always make for wild successes, but it the attempt that makes this worth your eartention. I won't say that it tops any of the previously listed bands, but I don't think that was ever it's intent.


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