Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sun Dial-Other Way Out

Yes, I have a problem with bands that try to just emulate a historic moment of music. Let's be honest now, how often do you find yourself listening to an album that sounds like it should have been recorded 20-25 years before it was released and actually feeling like you weren't listening to some rather misinformed youth? Well, given the current state of music, I suppose it's unfortunately more frequent than you would wish. I just don't get listening to things when I can go right to the source. If you're not going to improve upon the formula, don't touch it. Now, here's an example when my snooty ass gets handed to me because Sun Dial are often (an unfairly) maligned as a prime example of what I just decried. But people who talk that sort of rubbish must have some waxy (and hairy) ears. Sure, there's plenty of of classic psych moves here to fill a thousand loon pants. Yet, and here's the rub, it still sounds new. New and old simultaneously. Kind like how I've looked the same way since about junior high. Not that I'm some baby face, but I looked like an old creep even when I was thirteen.


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  1. Some moments in time were too fleeting and need to be expanded upon.