Friday, April 27, 2012

Half Church-12"

There was a time that I seem to recall back in the 80s when aspiring American bands eyes were cast toward the goings on of the British Isles.  When you see bands like the Fall, Swell Maps, Joy Division, and the millions other that I love creating new sounds that made the American music scene seem like a bloated armadillo on the side of some shit ass Texas highway, then it stands to reason that you would wish to import those sounds and recast them in an American image (this country isn’t as original as we wish to believe).  And that’s where Half Church’s sound seems to be birthed from.  San Franciscians, I believe, they might as well have been from any area within 150 miles of London.  I think I’ve always had a bit of an Anglophone fetish so I can fully understand these American bands that were just sick of their homegrown sounds.  Heavens knows I still am.  And what happened to these fellas?  As far as I can glean, this was their lone recording.  What a drag.

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  1. Google around, dude...there's a bit more (btw the singer was from the UK--but only the singer)