Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Charlottes-Lovehappy

If a band is considered to be a favorite of John Peel then who are you to say anything contrary? Not that I've actually have heard criticisms for this band. Even with the amount of stupids I deal with everytime I leave the house, I've yet to hear anyone give anything but praise to their recorded output. But that doesn't make me think anything better of all the human garbage. It just shows that this group is under discussed. You'd think that the Slowdive connection would be enough to sustain interest, but then again, I have met several cretins who actually didn't like Slowdive. Their critics kinda remind me of one of my most hated groups--religious wannabe hipsters. I've already convincingly argued about how Jesus is never cool unless discussed in a super weirdo psychedelic way, so don't try to convince me that your church is "really different" or "really open and accepting." Dummies, you're talking about a church. I had this misfortune of having to hear one of these simps get all jazzed about Jesus when I was trying to buy a cup of coffee. Your church is Urban Outfiters. Go worship the holy spirit of that ass from Death Cab for Cutie or something. I don't get you fuckers and I certainly don't want to.



  1. It happened to you as well I see... Did you find any reliable hosting site instead of mediafire?

  2. Nope. Some people mentioned ones I am unfamiliar with. I figure I'll stick with mediafire and eventually they'll deleted it all again. Then I'll open a new account, etc.

  3. Been looking for this forever! Thanks!