Friday, April 27, 2012

Dadamah-This is not a Dream

It’s been some times since I’ve posted any Kiwi, which is always a shame.  So here’s a good’un that’s a little lesser known than some of the big names, despite having connections with bands like Flies Inside the Sun and, my most loved, Doramaar.  Knowing the names behind this project (do your own research tubs) you’ll know what to expect.  I’m guessing you’ve set those expectations pretty high.  Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be as disappointing as that last girl you dated (probably a few years ago at this point) who you really thought was amazing because she listening to Giallo soundtracks and had an interesting tattoo.  After a few months all the haze cleared and you realized she was just as big of a loser as you are and were massively crushed.  Well now, it won’t be like that.


  1. dude this totally rules! i just stumbled across yr blog a couple of hours ago, and whilst being a massive Flying Nun/Expressway etc etc fan I have hardly delved into NZ 90's at all...listening to this right now is making me so happy. there's something a bit special about this band...thanks chap!

  2. Agreed. This is special. Glad someone digs it too.