Thursday, April 12, 2012

Greg Ashley-Painted Garden

This guy's roots go back to garage bands like the Gris Gris and the Mirrors, and thems good enough roots if I do say so. I like both of those bands just fine, but it's his solo work that really cooks my catfish. He doesn't drop all the garage rock elements, but this leans far more toward the fractured acid dappled works of Roky, Syd, and Skip. I have no idea about the state of Greg's mental health. I can only assume he's doing much better than that mighty triumphrant. People looking for more of the harrowing/beautifully damaged side of the psych continuum with find much to be satisfied with here. Even rainbows can contain some dark hues.



  1. Thanks for the comment because it turned me on to your fantastic blog. For some reason I can't add it to my blog roll though. I'll try again because I noticed several cross posts and I've already downloaded all the other things you have that I hadn't heard before. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for this, it's excellent!

    Mebbe check out my blog, too: http: I reposted Pink Reason's "By a Thread" from you awhiles ago.

  3. Thanks for the link. I'll try to add you to my blogroll assuming blogspot will let me. I've had some serious issues with that lately.