Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Il Balletto di Bronzo-Ys

Because I just saw that another good blog (michael jacket) has gotten its ass pummeled by our beloved mediafire I figured I'd post something you could have found over there before the deluge swept away all of their links. And who doesn't need more Italian prog in his/her life? And it's another NWW list for the list lovers. Wow, two in one day. You lucky dog. I am just too kind.



  1. Dude, thanks for the positive words! I'd honestly never been to your blog before now, but I must say it rules, you have impeccable musical taste. Also, this is probably one of my favorite albums of any genre ever, so I'm stoked you posted it in relation to MJ.

  2. Lots of the best blogs around are getting hit. I'm just glad to see that you want to stick it out.

    And how can you not like this album?