Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sugar-Copper Blue

I might catch a punch in the face for saying that I like this more than any Husker Du album.  But I dare ya.  Not to punch me in the face, but to listen to this objectively as possible and see how this is a far superior album than anything H.D. ever did.  Sure, you’re missing the smack addled romanticism of Grant, or Greg’s mustachioed weirdness.  Just pure Bob here.  It’s that consistencies that makes this all worthwhile.  Believe me, I was super skeptical when this came out.  I wasn’t all that thrilled with some of Mould’s solo outings prior to this, so I was a bit baffled by how quickly this album endeared itself to my heart.  Maybe it came out at a certain time a place where I needed to hear an album like this.  I can’t explain it.  I’m sure plenty of sourpusses will curl up their noses at how this band actually achieved some level of success (remember when you used to see videos off this album?).  Fuck those people.

Link Removed (apparently this 20 yr old album is a huge unit shifter and I was bankrupting a company with this post)


  1. Dude, if I ever see you I *am* going to punch you in the face! It might be better than anything the huskers did after new day rising but better than statues? 8 miles high? in a free land? gilligan's island? really? i'm so mad i'm almost not going to download this -- almost!!! but seriously, thanks again for all the great shares!


  2. I'm too big a Huskers fan to think this is better, but nonetheless it's 100% classic.

  3. Now this one I own but it's buried in a box somewhere, I don't actually play cds or lps much anymore. I saw Sugar on tour for this album and they were every bit as good. I hadn't listened to this in years and I remembered that the 1st 10 seconds of each song was a complete hook in and of itself so I just went through the songs in that way and memory was correct. I wonder if Jeff Buckley was humming Hoover Damn when he went for a swim/soak?

    1. Oh...I forgot, you're in Kansas City. Damn.
      I'm in Ottawa, that's Kansas.
      Just retired after 34 years of teaching.
      Ottawa's a drag for anything other than raising a family and retiring.
      However Lawrence has it all. I'd meet you there which would be half way for us both.
      Uh-I have no desire to punch you or anyone else in the face, um I'm just retired.
      But it seems we have some shared interests as far as music goes.
      The Bottleneck in Lawrence as many interesting bands .
      I'd give you my email here but there are some sick fucks onboard.

  4. Zen, I knew I'd get some response from you on this one.

    Viles, you're completely right about the ridiculous amount of hooks thrown in this one. It's truly a show case on how to write some catchy pop.

    Dave, come out to Kansas City and I'll give you one free punch.

  5. A great, boombastic album with incredible songs. Whoever decided that Bob Mould needed, like, high sheen production, was a fucking genius.

  6. Listen to a podcast review of Copper Blue by Sugar on Dig Me Out at, a weekly podcast dedicated to revisiting lost, forgotten, overlooked and under-appreciated rock of the 1990s.