Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thought Criminals-Hilton Bomber 7"

They predicted it all in some sense when they stated "I won't pay for punk records." And why the fuck should any of us. In these times when all our beloved sites are being lambasted by ridiculous file server impositions, I feel like it's time we all wise up and recognize that this is not a new argument. Perhaps you were too young to remember how this argument played out when cassettes became readily available. You might even be too young to realize that this rhetoric existed with the advent of compact disc recording technologies. Guess what, weirdos who actually want to find the type of music found here will still buy it. I think we all see that now. Thought Criminals sought it way back when. If you're in a band and want money then your band most likely is shit and you might as well sell insurance. So for all those who complained about me posting anything here (not counting dudes who were doing reissues where the money actually went to the artists) you may go fuck yourself forthwith. Herbie Hancock, Yes, etc. I had no idea you were so poor. I also am surprised that you can shift more than 50 copies of a 40 year old record. Who the fuck are you fooling?



  1. Thanks for posting the Thoughties. I have 1 EP & both LPs as well as the recent retrospective CD. I always wanted this single & this is as good as I can get so I'm happy.
    They had a great sense of the absurd in their lyrics. I saw them a couple of times too!

  2. You're a lucky fella then. I wish I could have had a chance to catch them live.

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