Friday, April 27, 2012

Raymond Boni-Rêve en Couleurs

Weirdo guitar alert.  And maybe you are familiar with his guitar antics/heroics from the NWW listed Operation Rhino platter.  Perhaps not though (I’ll eventually post that too).  In the meantime, if you’re someone who has even the slightest gravitation toward the outer limits of guitarsmanship then this is your golden ticket.  I guess that makes me your Willy Wonka.  But then, does that mean that Boni is an umpa lumpa since he’s technically the producer of the product and I’m the mere purveyor of the goods (my ex used to tease me that I look like Gene Wilder)?  Not too sure if I want to push that analogy too far otherwise I’m apt to turn my students into blueberries and torture them in other masochistic ways.  So just listen to this and I’ll shut up now.  And the 20 minute eponymous close out is makes this entire album worth nabbing.

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