Monday, March 21, 2011

Ash Ra Tempel-Schwingungen

Again, this one is for my friends who have been giving Manuel Gottsching's album a lot of ear time. Some of them have told me that they've never heard his original band. And now you may though it's not going to sound anything like that album. Of course, Gottsching is a guitar god so that doesn't change here, but instead of sound sculptures that massage the mind, this album is like taking ten hits of acid. Heavily stoned krautrock in its pure form that gives you that mind leaving the body feeling. And would it be nice to take a trip right now? Not sure guys, maybe you'll like this one. But I suppose you can always delete it, so what's the harm.



  1. Thanks for uploading this!
    The lp cover is a favorite :-)

  2. It is great. I kind of picture it being drawn by some talented stoner on a paper bag book cover during a psychics class.