Saturday, March 5, 2011

Washington Philips-The Key to the Kingdom

This is a fucking weird one. Not necessarily because of the song structure or lyrical content, but it's the instrument that makes this unusual. I believe the instrument that Philips plays is the Dolceola but that might not be right. Regardless of what it's called, it's fucking bizarre. It looks like a type of zither and sounds kinda like one too, but still, weirder. That alone made my instantly love this beautiful collection of old timey sounds. I remember Palace covered him on an early record and just checking things out on the internet, it seems that Phish covers him too. But don't let the horde of patchouli stank scumfucks ward you off from this. Hippies have been known to steal some good things, though their general disposition tends to gravitate them towards shit.



  1. This is too weird.
    I saw Hot Tuna Saturday night and the 1st song they played was Phillips' "What Are They Doing in Heaven Today." Beautiful song.
    Brilliant post.

  2. What's weirder is that Hot Tuna is still playing. I honestly thought they were over in the 70s.

  3. Nobody's over till the fat lady escorts them across the Styx.
    I hadn't seen them since '72, thought I'd reconnect.
    Pleasant show but no Tom Verlaine.
    Please keep up your excellent offerings.
    Best wishes

  4. stellar find- thanks a lot. Lovely music for to mix with.
    Thank you for keeping up the awesome

  5. thanks for this one, american spiritual music can be very touching and relaxing. the song 'i was born to preach the gospel' was used by werner herzog in my son, my son and i was able to smugly name the artist in front of my friends, and pass it on to them. thanks for that

  6. It's always nice when you get to show off in front of your friends isn't it?