Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Staple Singers-Let's Do It Again OST

I once thought that the influx of people wearing sweatpants in public signaled the downward cultural slope that we'd eventually have to face. Laziness to the point that putting two legs into pants seemed utter ridiculous, now things are even worse. I've noted, and I'm sure you have too, that recently nearly everyone I walk past seems to be content with slowing dragging their feet. Lift up those shoes motherfuckers. It's not difficult. I guess that's just how lazy we really are. This is probably the evolutionary step between functioning legs and some slug like means of locomotion that humans/chuds will eventually employ. This soundtrack might be just the right prescription to get those flabby legs pumping. Really, it's near impossible to listen to this and not start bopping around. I love Curtis Mayfield (who does the music here) and I love the Staple Singers too so this was obviously a paring that was going to work. And the film rules too.


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