Sunday, March 20, 2011

Älgarnas Trädgård-Framtiden är ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat i Forntiden

How's this one for you? The lack of recent posts is largely in part due to gmail's decision to block my account. Not the blog but my actual e-mail address that this account is linked to. I have no reason why this is the case and no explanation was ever rendered, yet I had to go through a fairly idiotic process several times over before I could post again. And since lately I've spent some time with a pretty Swedish tennis player (I don't know how that happened either), I thought I'd post something from her native land. I mean, she even knows who Philemon Arthur and the Dung are. Not that she knows them personally, but that she knows who they are. And that's more than I can say about most girls. Anyways, this is another NWW lister, and, I believe, one of the better ones at that. Weirdo, outer limits psych with tons of bizarre instruments thrown in for good measure. What was really going on in Sweden at this time? Was there tons of good acid or something?



  1. never ever heard of these before, and it's really nice music. thanks a lot!

  2. Well, if you two agree then it shows I'm posting some things worth listening to. Thanks.

  3. You two seem to commenting on the same posts. Glad you both like this one. It's always been a favorite.

  4. I just discovered this band the other day, can't recall where, but have been scouring the web for references and saw your blog. This album, and Delay from 1974, are mindbending!!!

    I totally agree on Sweden (and Finland also) as there seems to be something that results in truly lysergic music, both back in the 60s/70s and the current scene (also in electronic music with the Suomi scene in Finland, and the forest scene in Sweden)

  5. already got this one but thanks.
    if you guys like this swedish stuff definately check out anything from spacious mind they will rock your socks off. (I think Rotvalta is my personal favourite but its all good)

    maybe they were all living around a giant mushroom patch in the woods in sweden? who can tell

  6. Yes, Spacious Mind is definitely worth a listen. Perhaps I'll post some of that in the future.