Monday, March 21, 2011

Arvo Pärt-Alina

It's a warm and stormy day here and I'm in a contemplative mood, so this has been on heavy rotation. Last night was spent, in part, discussing classical music. This is a genre where my familiarity is a bit odd. I hardly know much about the big names but can go on and on about Feldman or Xenakis. I feel like someone who listens to rock music but hasn't heard the Stones. Anyways, this guy's name came up and most people I know who dig classical music aren't too hip to his work. I don't get that. So here's their chance. Break out the big headphones and brew some tea (I'll take lapsang suchong, thanks). Sit down in your comfy chair but give yourself some time because once this starts playing you're probably not going to want to do much else. I seem to remember a period back in the early 90s when he and fellow composers all got lumped into the "Holy Minimalism" genre and it seemed like they might actual have some mainstream success. Funny times those were.



  1. Fur Alina is the best solo piano piece ever written. There I said it.

    As far as I know Arvo Part is easily among the best selling "classical" artists. He is to Estonia what Bjork is to Iceland.


  2. lapsang souchong, goddammit you're all right.

    were you introduced to it via the peking house in morgantown, too?

  3. Nah, tried that place once and thought it rather bland.

    I had an ex who had an ex in Russia where it apparently quite popular.

  4. Link down, please. re-upload! thank you.