Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meic Stevens-Ghost Town

Yeah, this image sucks but I don't seem to see this anywhere on-line. Deal with it. Aggression aside, the fella over at the fantastic Weird Brother blog (visit it and learn) has reignited my love of Welsh music. I have know idea why the hell I love it so much, considering I can't speak the language at all and even just looking at it makes my head hurt, but there's just something that I have an unexplained connection to. And here's one of the Welsh masters in his early period. Later on, he gets super Welshy but here he sings in English as well, so there's no need to be afraid. I've read in places that he's supposed to be the Welsh Bob Dylan, but I'm not buying that. I'd much rather listen to Stevens, and that comparison always seems so facile. But then again, I'd say pretty much all of rock "criticism' is tripe written by fat slobs who still jerk it to faded Dictators tee shirts.



  1. Well up for a bit of this, i'd never heard this guy, it's gorgeous. Are you familiar with Gorky's Zygotic Mynci? Got a lovely one by them over at my gaff.

    Cheers Jerry

  2. I am familiar with their work and have always found it to be the perfect accompianment to mid-day summer drinks on a breezy day. Check out Stevens Outlander album too. I really like it when he sings in Welsh.

  3. Thanks for upping the Weird Brother. More welsh music anon. Got some early meic demos (60s acoustic) if you're interested.

    Y Brawd

  4. brillant!!!!!!!! thanks for all the music

    chek this

  5. YB. No need for the thanks. You've upped tons of albums that I love and I've already had friends comment on how they've wasted hours on your blog. Though I suppose it really isn't a waste. I look forward to more Welsh goodness.

  6. EPA. Thanks. I'll definitely check out the blog.