Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trees Community-The Christ Tree Live

First, the obligatory disclaimer and/or warning: this is another one of those “I love God,” weirdo, psych collectives. Believe me, it scares me too. But then I listen to this and I can just ignore all of that stuff. I’ve posted things like this in the past, so it seem s like many of you are able to do that as well. Or maybe you’re just obsessed with Jesus. And that’s fine by me so long as you don’t ask me to join your church (do not fucking e-mail about this please). .This was originally included on a real nice box set I picked up a few years ago. That must be long gone but I think their sole album is still available, so you might want to pick that up if you’re in more need of exotic, higher key, Jesus praising, cult, psych insanity. Look at the picture and you'll know what this sounds like.


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