Sunday, March 27, 2011

Teiji Ito-Meshes: Music for Films and Theater

You ever have crushes on dead people like me? Is that natural? I don’t mean some necrophilic desire but that feeling that you’re really not living in the right era. Well, Maya Deren was one of my long running crushes. Just look at her most famous photo of her looking out the window and tell me you don’t want to spend all day laying around in bed with her doing crosswords together. Lucky Teji Ito was not only a talented composer but was married to Deren at some point. All of her shorts are worth checking out, but I think it’s really Ito’s soundtrack work that affects me the most. Meditative, haunting, and definitely worth a listen. This means nothing to me but it might to a few of you, this was reissued by John Zorn at some point.


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