Saturday, March 5, 2011

John Martyn-Solid Air

I can't say that I've ever dated a girl whose taste in music I respected. I mean, I've dated girls who like hip things and all, but it all seems too simple or specific or generic. But then again, most of the girls I've dated are in their early 20s and barely know shit about life anyways. The weird thing is that (and I have no understanding why) all of them seemed to really like this album. That always blows me away. And also, I'm not that type of guy who tries to force his tastes on his girlfriends in an attempt to make them cool. Most of my friends listen to complete shit. I could care less. But what the hell is it about this album that gets girls? I love it for sure. If I made a list it would probably make my top 100 records. But I don't picture a bunch of young hipster chicks listening to this. Seems more appropriate for lonely record nerds. By the way ladies (and I'm sure this will be a surprise), I'm single.

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