Monday, March 28, 2011

Karl Blake-The Prehensile Tales (solo archives 1977-1981)

A commenter recently inquired as to whether I enjoyed the work of Karl Blake. To which I first thought “fuck yes I do,” and secondly “why haven’t I posted anything involving this insanely talented and prolific man?” So here is some, if only to set my worried soul at ease. Naturally, I could have posted some Lemon Kittens (I will most likely do that at some point), Shock Headed Peters are a definite listen too. The Underneath, the millions of other projects all want inclusion. But I think I’ll go with the solo works instead. If you’re a fan of any of the bands previously mentioned then this is required listening material. Now go get yourself a sundae. Extra nuts for you toughguy. Here


  1. Thanks so much. I knew Karl fairly well having photographed early SHP's Also Karl as The Underneath and British Racing Green (not sure if they ever released music) Cheers !!

  2. Welcome. Never heard of British Racing Green but now I'm curious. So thanks for the intel.

  3. Yeah! I still have this on vinyl. Fantastic record. :-)