Monday, August 16, 2010

Hans Edler-Elektron Kukeso

Sheesh, just look at those machines. Edler must have been one rich motherfucker to be able to buy that type of shit and record this solo platter all the way back in 71 or so. But I think I read that he was some type of pop star or something before recording this, so I guess that makes sense. But this is far from some 60s pop star vanity project. This is some really fucked early synth bizz-buzz. It's like you're surrounding yourself in some analog cocoon when this come on. And like that brilliant movie, you'll never get old again. Or at least until the aliens in the pool start drying up or whatever it was that happened to them.



  1. I just found your blog today (searching for Betty Davis) and I can't wait to kill some hours looking through all your posts! I love the descriptions and I am a fan of eclectic blogs like this. Thank you a bunch, and keep 'em coming! Also, I've always thought that it would be so much fun and so awesome to lock myself in a studio with a bunch of gear like on the album cover here and see what happens. I can only imagine that brilliant things would be laid to tape.

  2. Cool. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the comment. Keep checking back. I tend to post every couple of days or so.

  3. Hans did not own those synths himself. His recorded this album at the EMS Electronic Music Studio in Stockholm, which was the first electronic music studio of its kind in Scandinavia.