Monday, August 16, 2010


Here's a film synopsis that my satellite provided for a movie I did not watch: "something alien flings flying flat things which stick to earthlings and slurp them dead." I have to say, that is some pretty remarkable writing. The use of assonance and alliteration really sells the film. I'm sure someone must have been bored at the office when they wrote that. Well, not only did it succinctly sum up that flick, but it could also serve as an interesting description of this album. I know that they started to suck it pretty hard later in their career, but at this point, Mick Bolton was seriously fucking things up on the guitar and Michael Schenker wasn't around yet to cheese up the proceedings. Shit, I'll admit, I can even get into some of the Schenker era too, but this is markedly better.


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