Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kalacakra-Crawling to Lhasa

How can it be that this band only had this one release? Just two dudes with a raft of instruments were able to shape one premier krautrock spectacle that few people seem to really care about. Sure Can, Neu!, Kraftwerk, etc...all that stuff is great, but there was so much more from that spatio-temporal continuum that remains glossed by all but the true believers. And if anyone has more suggestions for things in this vein drop a comment. I'm always on the prowl for old weirdies like this.



  1. You might enjoy this one, perhaps.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I've already got all the agitation free albums. And they're great. I think I need to keep digging deeper. I'll probably post the shiloah album and what other things I might have in this style

  3. Just listened. Can't confirm it, but that sure sounds like Nina Hagen singing on this. If you haven't heard Nunsexmonkrock, you should check it out.