Monday, August 23, 2010

Lake of Dracula

You think that by mentioning Dracula and vampires on my blog I will be able to cash in on all the media hoopla? I'd love it if some tween stumbled upon this treat and flipped her wig. And here's something you all can laugh at me for, but when the whole no(w) wave thing was going on around Chicago, I really thought that it was going to become a big thing. I mean, for me, that was some of the best music going on at the time. Adventurous, arty, dumb, theatrical, it definitely beat what was going on in most parts of the country. But this could be a bit of hometime pride. Maybe I was just stupid and young. Who knows. But then again all that Rhode Island, Load records (a la Lightning Bolt) hit it pretty big a few years later, so maybe I wasn't all that off.


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