Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Creme Soda-Tricky Zingers

The winds of nostalgia are now carrying me back to the Midwest, and to one of my all time favorite cities for this post. Milwaukee might not be a musical mecca (though there were plenty of good punk bands coming out of there at one time) but there has always been an oddball contingent that would occasionally peek their head out from below the surface and issue an inherently out of touch classic. And this be one of them. Perhaps it's the fact that there really isn't a scene, or that they live in Chicago's shadow, but I've always appreciated the weird shit that Milwaukee concocted. Now, this isn't the weirdest thing out of that city, but it's definitely something that lacks an established context. These guys move from soft rock, to proto punk, to full on psych rock, and all points in between. Just as diverse as their fashion sense.


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