Monday, August 16, 2010

Your Food-Poke it With a Stick

Here's a real forgotten treat that's bound to give you some of that near the end of summer cheer. The Louisville scene has always been fairly under documented, and this is probably one of the albums that, if it had been heard by more, would have alleviated that problem. It's not like Circle X's no wave art experiments. In fact, it really doesn't remind me of much of what was coming out of Louisville at the time. Maybe you could draw comparisons with the Embarrassment or something British. There is a punk influence, but it's far more poppy and weird. This should be heard by all young kids who think they are currently playing weird punk. You ain't doll face.


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  1. Hello there. I have been mercilessly raping your blog for the past half hour or so, and it's high time I leave a thank you comment. This particular band I'm not familiar with, but I've grabbed it based on your last two lines of the post, which are epic. You rock.