Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kevin Ayers-Joy of a Toy

Where's the bitter vitriol we've come to expect from an old curmudgeon like you? you may ask. I know lately I've been a little lax on ranting about bums around town or my idiot neighbors, but two things have contributed to this new, dare I say, happy mood. Firstly, there's been an unexpected influx of new followers and internet friends to this site. This I contribute directly to three sites linking to this page. Holy Warbles, Ghost-Capital, and Exp Etc. All three are some heavy hitters with seriously good taste and I urge you all to check them out daily (if not hourly). Most importantly, I met a pretty, young lass who's more than content sitting around watching Suspiria and bitching about shit with me (I know, I can barely believe it either). So you can blame those people for my pleasant mood. And keeping in that spirit, nothing says fun like some early Kevin Ayers. But don't worry, I'm sure I'll be back to being my usual old cranky self soon enough.



  1. You may not appreciate my taste in music so much, but your blog is an inspiration to me. Seriously original. Everything you post I download. But if you feel like checking mine out, it's http://fivesongs.tumblr.com