Saturday, August 7, 2010

Peter and the test Tube Babies-Pissed and Proud

Okay, I know this one will get some frowns, or at least some puzzled looks, but every now and then I like to hear some old Oi. I don't know what this is, but it just is. And for some reason, it seems fitting today. Now, I definitely will not claim this group as my favorite Oi band or anything. They probably wouldn't even make the top ten. So why is this posted, you'll ask. Because Transvestite is probably one of the best songs about, well, transvestites. And who doesn't love a good tale of pansexual deception and intrigue?



  1. I had a soft spot for that track too although Moped Lads was my choice by this band. I once owned a copy of the Carry On Oi LP that Transvestite appeared on but sold it because frankly I was a bit embarrassed to own it at the time. Such is the vanity of youth.

    Blitz were probably my favourite Oi band back then. I don't miss all the boneheads that used to make gigs unpleasant violent places to be so often in the 80s. I suppose such neanderthal macho behaviour all too easily latches onto simplistic aggressive music.

  2. I know the exact feeling you're expressing. In my youth, there was plenty of albums that would lurk on the back of the shelf so I wouldn't have to justifying my likings. Now, I could care less about anything of the sort. Sure, There's plenty of ridiculousness in the whole Oi movement, but there's plenty of fun too. Unfortunate that so many of their fans were rotten lunkheads.