Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Grodeck Whipperjenny

Sitting here in the airport heading back home to Chicago has me thinking about Dave Matthews. But it's not how much his music is soulless trash that all my students love (still after all these years), that point is obvious, and my fingers just aren't strong enough to type out that long screed. Specifically, returning to Chicago makes me recall the time when Dave Matthews' tour bus decided that they were just so great that it would some how be acceptable for them to unload all of the shit from their septic tank right into the Chicago river. And if the shit that comes out of that prick's mouth is as terrible as it is, then I can only image just how toxic that drop truly was. And some one as full of shit as that guy is, I have to assume we. And this is a Dave Matthews album. But be not afraid, this is the good one. The one that worked with James Brown and the like. Here, the good Matthews lays down some tasteful psychedelic soul funk. Time to start dancing again kiddies, things have been so grim around here lately. And to the bad Dave Matthews--fuck you, you should be banned from Chicago for ever.


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