Monday, March 29, 2010

DJ Screw-Codeine Fiend

Time to put a little slow to your roll. Friends have been begging for some Screw for a while and so I finally got off my lazy ass and coughed this up. If you're not familiar with the whole chopped & screwed movement then I should quickly summarize. It involves syrup, lots and lots of codeine cough syrup. And then the music is a reflection on this state of fucked upness. It has to be some of the most psychedelic rap sounds around. There's echos and haziness, and everything is real slow. Screw often times would use popular artists and give them the treatment. Geezus, he was even able to make terrible shit like 2Pac (glad to see that one balled fuck head die, you were never a poet) and The Notorious P.I.G. (that fat sack of shit sucked too--sounded like he never quite finished that 6 foot long bologna sandwich before he started to rap) sound tolerable. That's no small feat considering their suckitude. A few nuts are trying to claim some sort of conspiracy surrounding Screw's death, but people please, look at the cover of this, then look at the title. I think we don't need to discuss this any further.



  1. yessssssssssssssssssss!

  2. Hah, I wasn't too sure if anyone was going to dig this.