Saturday, March 13, 2010

Luiz Bonfa & Fafá Lemos-Bonfafá

I don't know much about bossa nova, but from what I've gleaned, Bonfa is kinda like the forefather of all that. If your looking for the musical equivalent for the times you take a hot bath and then get out, lay on a nice cool down comforter, then I suggest this. There's a certain lady I've been thinking about lately, and this makes me want to take her out dancing. Maybe you have some sweetheart that you tricked into overlooking your slovenly ways, and bad habits, and general terrible disposition. Maybe it's time to put this on and sweep her off her feet. She'll be impressed (really). And then, in the morning bring her some crepes and orange juice. She'll like that. You'll still be some lame dick, but you've pulled off the conceit for a few more days and bought yourself some time before you're exposed as the real piece of garbage that you are. Long live the charade.


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