Thursday, March 11, 2010

Run On-On/Off

There seemed to be a time in the 90s when Alan Licht was everywhere. Now, I don't hear much about the guy. I assume he's still somewhere churning out some minimal guitar drone freakiness, but somewhere or other I lost track of the guy. And here's a nice little e.p. that is swaddled in his guitar intonations. I think this is a lot of the people from Licht's previous band, Love Child, but I might be off on that. It does sound like them though. Some of it's pop, some of it odd dronescapes, some weirdo wiggery (Licht did play in the Blue Humans), and some psych flourishes. This and Love Child's entire discography could probably be purchased for a sou, since there's nary a soul that gives a fuck about them now. I think it just shows how these lame trends lead to oversaturization and the inevitable burying of some good work. All the bands riding the pitchfork wave take note: in 5 years no one will give a shit about you, your music will be out of touch with the times, and if there was still cut out bins in real, physical record stores, you would fill them. All those fake music fans (hipsters) will not care about you. They are fickle, shallow, and trend riders. Be timeless.


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