Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daniel Higgs-Ancestral Songs

So those fucker that don't give Lungfish the proper props can go dive into a ditch from all I care. In my mind they were, and always will be, THE best dischord band. You want to fight about it mister goatee? Just because we're old now and are lame, doesn't mean that our cool points go up if you cling to these lesser showns. Don't be silly. You know the weirdo punk/psych of Lungfish destroyed all the simple notions of what D.C. should sound like. And for good reason. Just like Higgs is doing here. This motherfucker is able to transmute banjo into brilliance. Simplicity into suspense. Your ears cannot prepare themselves for the infinity that he projects. Unless that ear is in the center of you chest or the middle of your forehead you cannot get this. Don't be a dumbo. Download it and try to grasp what this interplanetry/ancient figure has to offer us. This shit operates on a plane not visited by the usual. If it's not for you fine, stay the fuck away. If, however, you want to see something other than the mundane, this might be a trip worth taking. As it's said "A mind blown is a mind shown."



  1. Agreed. Though I thought VOID were pretty damned good too.

  2. Oh, Void are fantastic. Some of the most wicked guitar playing of all time.