Saturday, March 13, 2010

Zdrój Jana

I can't find a fucking thing out these psychos that is in English. But since I'm a Polack and have a very, very rudimentary understanding of the language, I'm pretty sure this shit is coming out of Poland. I'm guessing late 60s / early 70s or so (I might be way off on that though). Some serious fuzzed out guitars and general weirdness make this seem at times like maybe some Eastern Bloc version of Os Mutantes or something (obviously less sunny). But this is a weird one. They're basically pop songs but I have a hard time figuring out how they came up with this sound in that context. You might put this with Plastic People of the Universe or DG 307 in that it's some weird shit out of communist eastern Europe. I wish I knew more about this band.



  1. Least you gave me a chance to repay for all the great stuff you uploaded. It seems that they were quite popular in Poland when they were active (1966-1972). They started as a cabaret, but soon it was more like a multimedia show (music show together with some dancing, theater, movie screening, stroboscopic effects and more). They got few awards at different festivals and got a chance to record few songs for radio, but they weren't contented with the final version (which was far away from their vision) so they decided not to record an album. In short time they stopped any activities.

  2. Dziekuje. Is that right? It's been some time.

  3. that's right.
    Actually if you want to listen to more interesting polish experimental music you should check Reportaz: