Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mizz Nobody-Smittad/Ganja 7″

Two quick blast of Lapland punk of the antique sort. This fucking guitar (I think it's a guitar) on the opening track just blows me away. Normally, I think pedals are for dopes, but this shit works super well here. And then there's this weird funky, Stones like break down nearing the end. Definitely not trying to ape typical punk conventions & cliches. Ganja (dumb title) is okay but walks a thin line teetering on becoming shit. Not a fan of girly vocals that much (especially in a punk context) but this is a fun one.


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  1. This is simply TOO STRANGE! Very cool, though. I recommend you check out Dicey and Paprika, who have distinctly Lappland Punk tendencies: