Sunday, March 7, 2010

Angry Samoans-Inside my Brain

An ongoing debate between some friends and I is the worth of good lyrics in music. They (mostly writers) preach the value of poignancy and the connections established from lyrics that speak for something beyond the mundane. I get it, to a point. I mean I like Leonard Cohen. But part of me clings to the fact that some things that are super trivial make the best subject matter. If you're in my camp, then songs about dads, cough syrup, girls, and cars probably appeal to you. Of course, this shit makes me feel super old, as I don't think about that shit much (barring girls), but I love how it taps into a certain perspective of youthful cretainism. I can't forget my roots. Nor should you. It's time to feel young again and rise like that glowing phoenix you always hoped you'd become. Let's recaptured that youthful flourish once again. Go out a break a window. Ride your bike down a flight of stairs. Throw a bottle of booze at a car. Just don't make me part of your impending lawsuit.


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