Thursday, March 18, 2010

Iron Cross-Live for Now

For Richie Rich on his ?? birthday (it's a secret). Here's another D.C. classic. Not the typical sXe again, but something much more touching. And really, look at the cover. You wanna balzac on the back of your neck when you're throwing down? That shit's close. But for those of you not in the know on this one. Sab and cohorts took the best elements of skins Oi and threaded that through the standard D.C. sound, producing something looking off towards the U.K. while remaining grounded in the U.S. hardcore tradition. Super under rated still, this sound should appeal to those, like me who walk down the street and hear "hey, faggit" on a daily basis. Sure, you wish you had a pocket full of spark plugs to toss at these ignorant hicks, but playing this album might soothe those tired synapses for a minute. At least until the next f150 drives by.


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