Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Felt-Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty

Well, if you have some preconceptions about how Felt might sound, then this might be an eye opener for you. This is the album that I play for people who hate Felt. And yet, they always come around to this one. It's not poppy or hair cut driven like some of their late stuff. No, this is some pretty primitive, moody soundscapes that has some beautiful trebbly guitar work that's so thin you couldn't get a slicer to cut it like this for you at the deli. It's lo fi and primitive, but it's certainly not without its charms. If you want to hear some downer guitar exercise then look no further. Later day Felt fans, well, this probably ain't for you. This is for those who sometimes wish there car didn't veer off at that last moment and rear end that mercedez. Not because it's a mercedez but you just wanted that visceral experience and that moment of contact that reassures that you are actually alive.


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