Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Flatlanders-More a Legend than a Band

So, things have been rotten around here. And if you're of the same disposition, then this belated country classic might temper the warming humors. Don't get too phelematic or anything. This is some super under-rated shit here. So much so that these dudes didn't really get their credit until well after the fact. So, really, this is some deep downer shit coming in the guise of some obscure cuntry-hick thing. But just look at the names involved and you know this is not some snake handling, ass kickin', truck praising bullshit. If you listen to "Keeper of the Mountain" and are not even slightly moved, then fucker, you are not human. Jump into that pool of toxic waste and melt away like that dude in Robocop right before he get's hit by the car. I'd love to see your fingers taper off like melted candle wax in that last moment before you get the deserved car crush. I only wish you'd live in that freakish state so I could laugh longer at your stupidity..


1 comment:

  1. Such a rad album and you can never go wrong with Robocop reference. Never!