Thursday, April 7, 2011

Theater of Eternal Music-Bootleg LP

Time for celestial drone dream castles that float through your mind and steal a little piece of your thoughts as they do. See I can write for pitchfork too. The key is stringing together a bunch of ridiculous images and pair that with some vapid sentence structure and then you're all set. I’m not claiming to be that great of a writer but why is it that the most terrible shit seems to be the most respected these days? Gripes aside, this is one that I assume most people will grab just for the names involved. LaMonte Young, John Cale, Tony Conrad, Angus Maclise, Jon Hassell…all the heavy hitters join in. In a weird way, I think you can claim this to be one of the most influential bands that ever existed but is never discussed. To think of what modern music would be without these guys is like imagining cooking without the discovery of salt.



  1. .... "and then your all set."

    pitchfork editors would've caught that ;-)

  2. Hey, it's not like I go back and reread what I write. No teasing.

  3. I've been meaning to say that for an English teacher your spelling and grammar is shocking ha ha. Congrats on the new job. If you start posting in French I'll be none the wiser when you drop one of your hasty, involuntary finger movements.

    I've never read pitchfork but maybe I should. Do they write in poetry all the time? A small pinch of salt is recommended I think. Essential but too much'll give you a heart attack.

  4. Don't start reading pitchfork.

    Is salt accepted in your vegan diet? There are only a certain amount of atoms allocated to our planet. I suppose I don't fully understand all of the restrictions involved in that dietary regimen. But I'm a hedonist and can't abide by anything that denies me pleasure.

    Oh, and with spelling, grammar, and whatnot...I'm typically drunk or in haste. I don't spend time on this shipwreck. I write, post, and comment. There's no time for editing. And I'm a horrible self editor at that.

    Postings in French may occur, but it's doubtful. I really only got into it because I love the literature, music, and cinema. It's a pretty solipsistic endeavor. But I suppose I am qualified.

  5. Last time I looked salt was a mineral. Minerals and plants are what I live on. I guess it's the order in which atoms combine that affects my choices about whether I will consume them or not. I'm all for hedonism but there's no pleasure for me in killing creatures or taking their by-products so I cut it out of my life. So in that respect I wouldn't say it is a restriction - I eat everything I want to eat.

    Just poking fun with the typos. I'm no grammar nazi. It's the communication that counts. With that you can at least get close to another person's experience if you make the effort. Sometimes. Maybe.

    Don't worry though, I've got enough on my plate without adding pitchfork to it. It can remain an unread footnote in my mind, punctuated by your diatribes.